Rocko the Raccoon: Kit

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About Rocko the Raccoon: Kit

These plush toys zip open, allowing your child to flip’em, reveal their furry friend, and choose how to play with them. Zip’em and create a pocket to store things in, clip’em to a favorite backpack, stick’em to a locker or fridge with the magnet inside their hands and feet, or kick’em like a hacky sack. The opportunities are endless! BE YOU!

Product details

Items Included with the Purchase of a Raccoon Boxed Kit:
  • Vest of Self-Confidence: Put a literal and symbolic vest of confidence on your child and their toy.
  • Goggles: Provide your child with the power to pretend and work like a raccoon with these child-sized goggles that match their furry friend's.
  • Crystal: Give the raccoon the power of bravery with this necklace that your child can also wear as a bracelet.
  • Vision Card: Help your child be brave with a place to write down their goals and work to accomplish them.

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**WARNING: Choking Hazard
Small Parts: Not for children under 3 years