05 Nov 2021

5 Unforgettable Playtime Ideas

5 Unforgettable Playtime Ideas

Grandparents play an absolutely essential role in children’s wellbeing.
Just take it from the University of Oxford! A study of over 1,500 kids completed by the university showed that children who spent a lot of time with their grandparents had fewer emotional and behavioral problems, and they were happier than others. Similarly, grandparents have the opportunity to share important values with their grandchildren through playtime,
 such as being kind to others, prioritizing curiosity and learning, and working as a team. 

The benefits of playing with your grandchildren are profound.

Increasing emotional intelligence and learning self-love and compassion are just two examples of how kids can learn a lot from their older family members. However you choose to spend time with your grandchildren, both of you will gain a lot from that extra special quality time. From playing games to learning skills, your grandkids will love doing something special with you and getting to know you. Don’t let time pass you by—give your grandkids a FaceTime call and let them know you’re thinking of new ways to spend time with them!
Are you on the hunt for a few fun ideas to try out with your grandchildren? Here are five activities that will help you teach them important skills and values AND that both of you will love.

1. Play Educational Games

Depending on the age of your grandchildren, you can play any number of games that both of you will enjoy! Whether it’s peek-a-boo with your youngest grandchild or playing card games with your oldest, there are so many games to choose from. UNO, Go Fish, Dominoes, Tag, and dress-up are just a few ideas that kids of almost all ages will love.
Games are also an excellent opportunity to help kids learn and grow. For example, maybe it’s learning how to spell with a game of hangman. Maybe it’s developing observational skills through a scavenger hunt. Even playing card games often requires the use of math principles like addition and subtraction. The best part? None of these games have to be challenging or too competitive for them to be fun for both of you.

2. Read a Book Together

Whether your grandkids know how to read on their own or not, sitting together to read a new story or a chapter of a favorite book can be a great way to not only spend time with them but also to instill a love of reading in them. Take turns choosing your favorite books to read and don’t forget to give them a chance to try and sound out a few words themselves if they can’t read yet!
Whether it’s reading at bedtime or throughout the day in between other fun activities, you’ll both love the chance to sit together and connect over a peaceful and meaningful moment. You could even start a list of the books your grandchild loves the most for them to look back on later. This could be a tradition that they would love to pass on to their kids and grandkids when they have their own. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to save such small yet important mementos.

3. Make Something Together

Learning how to problem-solve is so important at a young age, and creating something with your grandkids is an excellent way to teach them those skills. For example, build with popular toys like Legos or Tinker Toys, bake some cookies together, paint a new picture, or build a fort. Regardless of how you choose to make something, you and your grandkids can practice your mobility and pick up on a new skill together.
Even after you finish the process of making something together, you two can reap the benefits of the object f or a while! Whether it’s sitting together to eat cookies with a glass of milk or giggling about the new painting you created together, the fun doesn’t have to stop once the creation is over. Want another, even more specific idea? Try drawing each other and see how funny or impressive the results are!

4. Interview Each Other

Playtime is a great chance to connect with your grandkids through imaginative play. One fun idea is to pretend to be journalists or TV show hosts and interview each other. This will give them something to look back on and remember about you for years to come—and you’ll get to know them a lot better, too! You may even find out something new about yourself.

Take turns asking each other silly, important, or thought-provoking questions, and write down the answers. They will be so fun to look back on and show your grandkids as they get older. You could even make the interview a regular activity so you can compare the results over the years. There is nothing more fun and nostalgic than looking back on small and profound memories like these.

5. Play with Meaningful Toys

The toys your grandchildren choose to play with can have a profound impact on them. Toys can provide much more than just fun. Educational toys encourage healthy development of children and can help them learn or build on specific skills. Similarly, toys that are branded to encourage kids can give them the confidence they need to be themselves and explore their skills and passions.

When looking for the perfect gift for your grandchild, consider whether the toy can help them explore something new about themselves or learn a new value or skill. For example, Sidekix™ are designed to help foster children’s confidence, creativity, and growth. Our spirit animal toys are thoughtfully created to encourage kids by representing some of the most important values: self-love, confidence, creativity, strength, kindness, and intelligence.

There are many meaningful and unforgettable ways to spend quality time with your grandchildren that both of you can enjoy. Regardless of how you choose to play with them, they will appreciate the time spent with you more than you realize. So, go ahead, jump right in, and have some fun! Consider playing educational games, reading, making something together, interviewing one another, or playing with meaningful toys. Both of you will love the opportunity to spend time together and learn from each other.

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