22 Dec 2021

3 Things to Consider When Looking for a Great Toy for Your Kids

Things to consider when buying toys for kids

Whether you're searching for a gift for the special little one in your life for a holiday, their birthday, or just because, the toys you choose to give them matter! In fact, toys are essential to children's development, as they can help them develop fine motor skills, improve their problem-solving skills, promote creativity, learn to compromise, and even more! However, not every toy is created equally. Some toys offer more benefits than others, and the way children play can have a strong influence in shaping their adult identities.

Plus, how many toys have you bought for them to not even end up playing with them for longer than a day? Buying a great toy isn't only a great investment for you; it could lead to years of enjoyment for your child. This makes the stakes of finding a great toy even higher—especially when every toy in the store is telling you that it's the best thing for your little one!

For these reasons and more, it can be intimidating to try to find the perfect toy, which is why we're here to help. Here are three things to keep in mind while looking for a gift so you can find something that both you and your kids will absolutely love.

Is There More Than One Way to Use the Toy?

While some single-use toys could be fun enough to justify the purchase, it's always worth looking into whether a toy can be used in more than just one way or situation. Not only are toys designed for more than just one use likely to last longer, but they can also help promote imagination and creativity.

On top of being designed for more than one use, it's also important to make sure a toy isn't so advanced that it does everything for a child. Kids not only love to use their imaginations, but they also benefit a lot from it. Along those lines, toys that promote creativity and multiple uses can also encourage advanced problem-solving skills and even physical activity. Get the most bang for your buck with a toy that offers more than one purpose.

Does it Challenge Your Child Without Frustrating Them?

A toy should be slightly challenging for your child to help foster their skills and help them grow as individuals. Toys that make silly noises can be fun, but other toys can help them pick up skills more quickly and stimulate their mind. Children are at the best stage of life to pick up on things and learn, so take advantage of it! Whether it's a toy they can build, solve, or practice fine motor skills like zipping and kicking with, consider investing in a toy that encourages them to think critically to play with.

With this in mind, it's also essential to make sure that the toy isn't too advanced for your child to enjoy. Is the toy recommended for their age group? Does it fall within their interests? Make sure to consider whether you think the toy will be something that your child finds perfectly challenging. Otherwise, it may cause frustration that leads to them giving up.

Is it Well-Made? 

A poorly made toy not only doesn't last as long as a quality toy, but it can also frustrate kids and cause them to destroy it. A great toy will encourage children to create with them or consider new ways to play, not tempt them to break it. The longer a toy can last, the more likely your child will enjoy it for years to come.

Similarly, toys should be made from safe materials that won't wear or tear easily or cause injuries. While it can be hard to ensure that a toy is well-made, there are a few things you can do to double-check, including the following:

  • Read the warning label. Labels can help you learn about how to use a toy, what ages it is safe for, and help you teach your child to use it the right way.
  • Avoid toys with toxic materials. Make sure that the label says it is "nontoxic." Along those lines, look for toys that have lead-free paint if they are painted.
  • Look for stuffed toys with tight seams and secure edges. All parts of a stuffed toy should be tight and have secure edges.
  • Avoid loud toys. Loud toys with shrill noises could cause serious ear injury.

Looking out for these signs can help you guarantee that any purchase you make is worth it, as well as ensure that your child enjoys the toy for as long as possible!

With these three tips, shopping for a child doesn't need to be overwhelming or impossible. Plus, finding the perfect toy doesn't mean sacrificing their development, either. A great toy will entertain them and encourage their creativity, motor skills, problem-solving skills, intelligence, and collaboration. Just take it from us: Sidekix™ are designed for multi-use to promote the best in your little one. Want to order a gift the special kid in your life is sure to love? Pre-order a Sidekix™ plush toy today!

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